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Audio Spare Parts for hobbyists and professionals!

Every audio device during time suffers from physical wear or some human error or even an accident. As a result the audio device can become difficult to use or cannot be used at all. It could be a plastic knob, a cable, a fuse, a potentiometer, an external power supply etc.

Many of these “malfunctions” can be fixed by a casual user if he has access to the proper spare part without the need of special equipment or knowledge. Moreover, if someone can operate a soldering iron, then few malfunctions require more specialized equipment.

Our goal is to make life easier for the audio device user, by gathering here many spare parts from various manufacturers and devices, and providing information that anyone could use without special knowledge.

We do not intend to replace a specialized repair center. However, with the proper spare part and a few guidelines anyone could see his favorite equipment working again, avoid the frustration, save time and money!

The ArtAudioParts Support Team


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